Strolls Hemp Dog Collar

West Paw

• A perfect everyday collar with every safety detail carefully considered
• Tough, quick release buckle goes on and off easily, and adjusts precisely
• Quick connect loop in the ideal spot for easy leash connection
• Resists bacteria & odors
• Non-toxic & safe
• Lightweight yet secure

Dogs and humans alike will love the West Paw’s Strolls® collar which made from hemp. This eco-friendly collar resists bacteria and odors, holds up in style for ages, and is always non-toxic and safe.

Thoughtful Connectors
West Paws chose closures, connectors and hardware that are lightweight yet secure, with well-planned placement to make dog life easier: The Strolls Collar features the Quick Release Buckle. All collars include a quick connect loop for tough pullers and an ID loop for tags.

Small - (L) 13.25" - 19.75" x (W) .75"
Large - (L) 18" - 27.5" x (W) 1"

Length is adjustable. For the perfect fit make sure you can get two fingers between dogs neck and the collar.

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