About 2dogs 3cats

Who We are

We're calling it. Furry friends top our every friend list! They make our lives wholesome and that's why we do this. 

Playful licks, wagging tails and beautiful sounds of purr is our goal. Every product is guaranteed from us to our furry friends. Their well-being is our promise. We'll replace or refund any product that's not up to your standard. That's how we see to it that our fur friends are safe and healthy.


Official Beasty Distributor

Meet our newest brand, Beasty - created by a family of farmers with a love for pets. Your furkid deserves Beasty's premium award-winning freeze dried beef.


Official West Paw Distributor

West Paw is finally in Hong Kong! As the pet brand's official Hong Kong distributor, your favorite West Paw toys is just a few steps away. 


Official Monster Paws Distributor

Introducing our latest brand, Monster Paws. Our new partnership gives you access to a brand determined to shape clean living starting from early stages in development.