Metro Hands Free Shoulder Dog Leash


• Make a collar with this leash
• Make a slip collar with this leash (training leash)
• Convenient Length (Thin and regular: 1.4meters / 4’7”, Skinny leashes: 1.25 meters / 4'1")

With High5Dogs' unique leader system we can now make a slip leash to quickly leash our dogs. Dog trainers love this setting when training our furry friends. The stop of the leader system also is used to make a fixed size collar if you would prefer that.

Metro Collection:
With a sophisticated colour scheme, quality finishes and clever innovations this collection is both luxurious and practical. Bring your pouch anywhere without compromising on style or function. High5Dogs made everything also available in an extra-light and small version to fit all dogs.

Product Care:
Washing: to wash your High5dogs products, we advise handwashing with a mild detergent. Air dry, do not tumble dry.

After washing, it is advised to lubricate the hardware and grease the leather.

Hardware: like any mechanical part, dust and grime are not the best for moving parts. It is advised to lubricate the hardware parts with lubrication oil or WD40 for smooth use.

The thin and regular leashes are 1.4 meters long (4'7"), the skinny leashes 1.25 meters (4'1"). In the table below you find the rope thickness with the advised maximum dog weight. 
Rope diameter Dog weight (kg) Dog weight (lbs)
Skinny (ø5mm) < 5 < 11
Thin (ø9mm) < 10 < 22
Regular (ø13mm) < 35 < 70

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