Leather Poop Bag Holder Wallet


An elegant wallet for a not so elegant task!

The High5dogs wallet makes cleaning up look good. The sleek mini wallet holds one roll of universal poop bag and has an extra pocket to hold keys and some small change, making this convenient little wallet a statement piece for both you and your dog.  Cleaning up after our pooch is the last thing we would consider elegant, but it’s all part of being a pawparent.

The High5dogs wallet holds one roll of universal poop bags. 

Washing: to wash your High5dogs products, we advise hand wash with a mild detergent. Air dry, do not tumble dry.

After washing, it is advised to lubricate the hardware and grease the leather. 

Hardware: like for any mechanical parts, dust and grime are not the best for for moving parts. It is advised to lubricate the hardware parts with lubrication oil or WD40 for smooth use.

SIZE: 7cm x 10 cm

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