Flagine™ Harness



You and your four-legged friend are on the road all day? Then you need a harness that can withstand a lot and is particularly comfortable. The Ruffwear Flagline Harness is a chest harness for dogs that goes with you over every obstacle. The harness is extremely light and allows your four-legged friend every freedom of movement. The material is limited to the essentials, so it can be used all day long. It fits perfectly because you have six adjustment options. There are also various sizes. If you want to help your best friend over an object, take the padded handle of the harness and support his efforts. The weight of the animal is evenly distributed between chest and stomach.


The Ruffwear Flagline Harness has a total of three eyelets into which the leash can be hung. Two at the back of the dog and one at the chest. The front attachment can be used for no-pull training as well. It is a robust reinforced fabric loop. At the end of the harness you will also find a separate loop for attaching the safety light from Ruffwear, which you can buy separately in our shop. So your four-legged friend is to be seen better in the twilight. Due to the additional belly strap, the harness is also escape-proof. Your dog will not be able to slip out backwards. In addition, the chest harness is equipped with reflective stripes to give your best friend more safety on dull days. If you're out in any weather, your dog will also run through mud, snow and puddles. The Ruffwear Flagline Harness has a dirt-repellent lining and is easy to clean.

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