ePETs Pet Cleansing Wipes


•pH12+ Pure water
•Kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria
•Quick removal of dirt and stains
•Suitable for all pets
•Biodegradable & Non toxic
•Hypoallergenic & alcohol free

1. Effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria.
2. Easy clean- up for eyes and ears or use as a waterless pet bath.
3. Eliminate animal odors from anal and other glandular secretions.

How to use:
1. Can be used directly after opening.
2. To spot cleanse/deodorize any pet. Feet, face, tail, anal, skin folds, ears and around eyes.
3. Clean surrounding surface area contaminated with pets’ urine and feces.

Ingredients: Ionized Super Alkaline Water (pH12+ Pure water)
Country of Origin: Hong Kong; Japanese technology powered by eWater.

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