Double Track™ Coupler Leash


Ruffwear Double Track Coupler leash for two dogs

Good News for owners of two dogs: You can now easily lead your two dogs with the Ruffwear Double Track™ Coupler. Do you have two dogs approximately the same size and the leashes are always tangled? Ruffwear provides the solution. With the Double Track™ Coupler coupling two dogs is easier than ever before. Thus, both can be kept on one leash. The Knot-a-Long Leash is ideal for that. Simply attach the Double Track™ Coupler on the main leash. It is absolutely safe and you can open it with the Crux Clip™ within a second.

Coupler absorbs sudden movements

Unlike other manufacturers of coupling leashes Ruffwear has also thought that there are dogs that suddenly jerk on the leash. This coupler is made of a stable material in the patented Wavelength technology. This absorbs sudden movements, because the material expands and contracts again. Wavelength allows each of the two dogs also by the stretching effect a certain freedom of movement of 30-48 cm. The Double Track™ Coupler can not only make each leash to a dog leash for two dogs. If you hang several Double Track™ Coupler together so many dogs can be kept on a leash, as you can just hold.

Measurement guide Ruffwear Double Track™ Coupler:

One Size


30-48 cm / 12-19 in

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