Metro Parking & Tether Leash


Park your Dog safe and easy

After or during a walk and we sit down why do we always have to mess around  with tying knots or getting the handle dirty putting it under a chair leg? With this leash parking your dog has never been more easy and safe. It has a handy clip integrated in the leash that makes it very easy to tie your dog to your chair or another object when we go for brunch or drinks with friends. (Of  course for the safety of your dog, it is best never to leave your dog unattended!)

Make a collar with this leash!

Our dogs love having fun being off leash but there are moments when we quickly have to leash them. Decked out with our unique leader system  we can now make a slip leash to quickly leash our dogs. Dog trainers love this setting when training our furry friends.  The stop of the leader system also be used to make a fixed size collar with if you would prefer that.

Advantages of this High5dogs Parking leash

  • Park your Dog safe and easy
  • Park your dog without having to unleash your dog
  • park your dog with one hand
  • Make a collar with this leash
  • Make a slip collar with this leash (training leash)
  • Convenient Length (Thin and regular: 1.55 meters / 5’1”, Skinny leashes: 1.4 meters / 4'7")


Check in the table below for our recommended thickness for your dog’s leash.

Rope diameter Dog weight (kg) Dog weight (lbs)
Skinny (ø5mm) < 5 < 11
Thin (ø9mm) < 10 < 22
Regular (ø13mm) < 35 < 70

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